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Papers and Proofs

(Jacksonville FL) One task to accomplish before heading down the road to full-time RVing is to ensure essential documents are aboard. It’s amazing how many papers are needed for proofs or legal reasons. While most of these will be scanned into the computer, and placed on a USB flash drive, I also want to have […]

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The Computer in My Pocket

(Jacksonville FL) The iPod Touch is sold primarily as a music player and game device. I don’t do much gaming, but I do love being able to carry my entire music collection wherever I go. It also functions as an eBook reader, and contains several books, so I always have something to read; or listen to […]

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Plans for the Journey

( Jacksonville FL) Conventional wisdom in the RV community is to follow the good weather, that is go north in the summer and south in the winter. I will mostly follow this pattern. I expect to be starting out from Florida so what direction I go first will depend when I’m able to hit the road. […]

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