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Brazos Cliffs

(Los Brazos NM) From many miles away, the Brazos Cliffs can be seen rising up majestically above the surrounding landscape. However, getting to them is difficult or impossible. A paved highway goes up to the canyon, where many private cabins are built. A lodge owns the land going into the canyon. To actually hike into […]

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The Narrows of Malpaís

(nr Grants NM) The Narrows of Malpaís refers to the three mile long flow of lava at the base of some magnificent sandstone cliffs. The eruption occurred only 1,500 years ago, and is considered the youngest lava beds in the area. The lava flow was on one side of the highway, with the cliffs on […]

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Lower Gallinas Canyon

(nr Emory Pass NM) Entering Lower Gallinas Canyon there was a dramatic shift to rugged cliffs and massive rock formations. They came right to the edge of the road, so there was nowhere to stop until getting through the best. Coming out of an ‘S’ turn was a pull-out just big enough for Tardis. I […]

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