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Cave Creek Canyon

(Portal AZ) A few years ago, I went to Cave Creek Canyon to camp. However, upon arriving it was closed due to a recent flood and no camping was allowed. Plus, it began snowing while I looked around. It was a beautiful area, so I vowed to return to try again. Second try… Three campgrounds […]

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Veterans Car Show

Veterans Car Show

(Truth or Consequences NM) A friend and I went to see the Annual Veterans Car Show. There was a good variety of old cars and trucks from most eras, and even a couple of motorcycles. My favorites tend to be the ones from the 1930s to 1950s. Some were restored to original, but most were […]

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Catwalk Revisited

(Glenwood NM) The Catwalk National Recreational Trail followed what was an old mining pipeline up into a narrow canyon. Portions of the metal walkway were attached to the vertical rock walls. That allowed access without having to wade in Whitewater Creek below. It also made for some great views. A flood closed this trail for […]

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