Plans for the Journey

( Jacksonville FL)
Conventional wisdom in the RV community is to follow the good weather, that is go north in the summer and south in the winter. I will mostly follow this pattern. I expect to be starting out from Florida so what direction I go first will depend when I’m able to hit the road. Retirement is scheduled for January or February and my hope is to begin full-timing then.
Since that is wintertime, I’m likely to remain in Florida for a couple of months. This will allow me to get accustomed to the RV, and make adjustments while still on familiar turf. I have friends and relatives scattered around the state that I want to visit before heading to far away places. And, there are plenty of great painting scenes in the state that I’ve not had the chance to explore.
In the spring I’ll begin to meander northward through the eastern states. I have cousins from southern Georgia to northern New York; it will take a good while to see them all. Following the Appalachians will give me great painting sites and allow me to see my cousins as I pass through. Then I’ll head toward the Midwest to see my brother and other cousins. I’ll likely explore the upper middle states during the summer and then travel southward west of the Mississippi on the way to the southwest where I expect to spend the following winter.
Well, that is my itinerary for the plein air journey in my first year. Whether I’m able to start when planned or some other time depends on my situation. And, the amount of time to accomplish all of those visits may not be sufficient while traveling at a leisurely pace. There will be other chances as my life will be following the seasons and the painting opportunities.
Camp: Home in the sticks-n-bricks
Scene: Residential neighborhood
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