Creative RVing

(Jacksonville FL)
I recently had the opportunity to visit with fellow creative solo RVer Glenn. He’s a musician and composer that chooses to live in a small motorhome and create as he travels around the country.

Man sitting on RV bumper

Glenn with his Chinook

We share many things in common such as living frugally and with fewer things, traveling in a small RV without a towed vehicle, eating healthy foods, enjoy being solo, traveling slowly enough to appreciate the places visited, creating art, liking jazz music, preferring down-home local eateries, and so forth. It was a great pleasure to swap ideas over dinner at an authentic English pub with a fellow RVer and creative spirit.

Glenn writes about his life, his music, the places he goes and the people he meets on his blog To Simplify. He has an engaging manner that gets at the heart of what this lifestyle is all about. Do yourself a favor and visit him online.

Camp: Home in the sticks-n-bricks
Scene: Residential neighborhood

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