Portable Computing

(Jacksonville FL)
Another step has been taken toward creating my ideal mobile office. I replaced my old desktop with a new laptop. The 15″ screen is a nice compromise between usefulness and portability. It will be ideal for RV living, and can be used in different situations like outside on a picnic table or going to a bookstore.

With some difficulty, I managed to transfer files from the old machine. An effort is being made to only add to the new computer things I will actually use; and not all of what was on the desktop. New programs and operating system present challenges, but I’m enjoying the experience.

An external harddrive is being used to make a bootable backup on a schedule. Regular use of it should prevent losing important data. Should the internal drive fail, the extra one will allow me to restore my system and continue with minimal disruption.

A router, that creates a local wifi network, gets me on the internet wirelessly with both the laptop and the iPod Touch. It’s very convenient for use in a reasonable distance and adds to the portable aspect. Yes, it is encrypted and password protected which provides an additional layer of protection from the internet.

Having the right equipment will go a long way toward making my work on the road productive and enjoyable. These portable computing tools move me ever closer to being ready for the plein air journey.

Camp: Home in the sticks-n-bricks
Scene: Residential neighborhood

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