Day Camps

(Jacksonville FL)
Sometimes it’s not necessary to stay in a regular campground. Finding a place to settle for a short time is all that is needed. When I first became interested in full-time RVing, I learned about Day Camping from Tioga George.

These are places where you can hang out during daylight hours. They can be out in the countryside or in the city. Public areas that will accommodate an RV, and don’t prohibit parking are ideal. Also, where the presence of a rig would not raise alarm. I’ve found three places relatively close to where I’m staying at night.

A nearby shopping center has a wooded area adjacent to the parking lot. It is a well used shaded area where people park under the trees. But, this day I was alone except for a guy in a Jeep. Across the lot is a McDonald’s restaurant, where it’s convenient to use their WiFi and charge the computer while getting a snack. A grocery store and a dollar store, for restocking supplies, is also present.

Far out on the edge of town is a city park. It’s not typical, as this one is used by those wanting to ride their horses on trails through the woods. There are stables at the end of the road, and a large field where owners can unload their steeds. I parked in that field for half a day while I did some work inside the rig. It was pretty quiet, as only two pairs of riders passed by while I was there.

Another city park at the edge of town has full facilities; pavilions, restrooms, playground, trails, pond, ball fields, paved parking, and lots of tall pine trees. This one is located on a former Navy base that was taken over by the city and turned into a commerce center. I found a spot cleared in the trees that was a perfect fit for Tardis. It was far enough away from the noise of those enjoying the park. And, there was a nearby electric outlet for charging my computer and jetpack.

Using Day Camps is free and they are suitable when a campground is not required. I enjoyed staying at these three spots. All of them had 4G LTE internet signal. By the way, while I was wandering around, I filled up on propane and found a free dump station to empty the holding tanks.

Camp: Various free day camps
Scene: Residential neighborhoods

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