(West Glacier MT)
My first morning at Glacier National Park was spent on the west side around Lake McDonald. Starting early, I hoped to avoid crowds. After deciding I didn’t want to camp at the Apgar Campground, I went to Lake McDonald Lodge.

Mountains reflecting in lake

Lake McDonald

A heavy haze hung in the air, so no getting clean shots of the mountains. I then drove Going-to-the-Sun Road hoping to find a viewpoint. Those were full on my way up, but luckily there was room for me on the way back. So, I did get some nice photos of McDonald Creek Falls.

Boat on lake with mountains

View from Lake McDonald Lodge

Waterfall and rapids

McDonald Creek Upper Falls

My legs were not co-operating, in fact I was limping for some reason. So, a hike to a lake was not going to happen. Instead, I headed toward the east side, which I heard had the better views. Along the way, I got some shots of the Middle Fork Flathead River.

River with gravel islands

Middle Fork Flathead River


Blackfeet ‘Welcome’ Sculpture

(East Glacier MT)
On the way to the east entrance, I stopped and spoke with a fellow Lazy Daze owner, then updated my blog and checked eMail. This caused me to arrive later than planned, but I still got one of the last sites at the Two Medicine Campground.

Mountain reflecting in lake

Pray Lake & Sinopah Mountain

Mountain beyond pine trees

Rising Wolf Mountain

The next day, I took the tour boat to the far end of Two Medicine Lake and spent the day hiking. My legs were feeling better, but I didn’t want to push it. So, I went to the sub-alpine No Name Lake which was most of the way to Dawson Pass. Then I took a side trail on the way back to see Twin Falls.

Lake with cliff behind

No Name Lake

Waterfall tumbling to pool

Twin Falls on Left

Another day was spent hiking part way around Medicine Lake to Paradise Point and then up to Astor Falls. It had several drops and was visually interesting. On the way back to my rig, I treated myself to a yummy huckleberry frozen yogurt.

Pointed mountain and pine trees

Pumpelly Pillar

Cascading waterfall and cliffs

Astor Falls

In the evening, I walked over to the North Shore trail, and got lucky. A momma moose and two calves were in the forest, and made their way to the nearby creek. I was patient and got some good photos.

Moose standing in water

Momma Moose

Two young moose in stream

Baby Moose

On my last day, I hiked to Appistoki Falls and to Running Eagle Falls which tumbles out of a huge cavity in the cliff. Stopped at Luna’s for lunch and had an Indian Taco; really like a taco salad on frybread and very good.

Waterfall down a cliff

Appistoki Falls

Waterfall emerging from cliff side

Running Eagle Falls

I decided against going to Many Glacier. It was a good 60 miles one way, and 50 percent chance of rain. Plus, few of the hikes were within my range, and I didn’t want to risk injury from my legs being iffy. It was a great time in a fabulous environment.

Camp: Glacier NP-Two Medicine CG
Scene: Lakes, mountains, waterfalls

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  1. Dizzy-Dick August 18, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    Beautiful country. It has been over 50 years since I was in Glacier National Park.

    • Pleinguy August 20, 2014 at 4:55 pm #

      I very much enjoyed my stay there. Still too many other folks for my taste; but, it’s a very popular park in the summer.

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