(New Mexico)
At this time of year, I attend to tasks needed to maintain the rig in top operating condition. And, to cleaning up. One thing at a time spread out keeps it from being too tiresome.

Motorhome next to shelter

Tardis in New Mexico

Tardis went to the shop to get the oil and filter changed which included a new inline fuel filter. The transmission got cleaned with new filter and fluid. And, the rear differential was cleaned and got new fluid too. One blown out back-up light bulb was replaced.

Open doors on refrigerator

Defrosting refrigerator

The refrigerator-freezer was defrosted and cleaned. This needs to be done every couple of months in order for it to continue working at optimal level. I approach this chore gradually by using up the contents down to a more manageable level. A small insulated cooler with an ice-pack holds frozen foods during the process.

Venetian blinds and spray bottle

Cleaning blinds in the Galley

General cleaning is done regularly as it is needed; so, there is never a need for a big Spring cleaning routine. But now, I make a point of cleaning the blinds in the galley; Simple Green does a good job. All of the windows get washed inside and out too.

Bucket, spray bottle, wax bottle

Cleaning and waxing the exterior

Another big job is cleaning, polishing and waxing the exterior of Tardis. This gets worked on periodically during the year. But, a more thorough job is done, one section at a time, which takes a couple of weeks of afternoon sessions to complete. Caulking is also checked and fixed as needed. In the end, having a sharp, shiny rig is worth taking the time to do it right.

Continental wheel cover on rear of RV

Tardis all shiny and bright

Maintaining the rig keeps it running well, and makes it more enjoyable for living and traveling. Actually, I get a lot of satisfaction from keeping Tardis in shipshape condition.

2 Responses to Maintaining

  1. Bradford Harris November 26, 2014 at 2:38 pm #

    Nice looking rig… No matter what you live in, it seems like there’s always maintenance / cleaning. I’m getting van cleaned out today for a trip between snow storms…

    Take care! I sure enjoy the pics!

    • Pleinguy November 26, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

      That is so true. Not that different from a sticks-n-bricks; but, probably a bit easier. Hope you enjoy your next outing.

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