Snowy Range

(nr Centennial WY)
Part of the Medicine Bow Mountains, the Snowy Range, is known for its high peaks with year-round snow, many alpine lakes, camping, hiking, and skiing. Snowy Range Pass was at 10,889ft, with surrounding peaks in the 12,000ft range. It sounded like my kind of place.

Mountains, lakes, snow

Snowy Range

Boondocked on Fallen Pines Rd at 9,820ft with my spot overlooking Laramie Valley. It was a good bit off the roadway, and far from any other camp. When leaving there, I drove around and saw Brooklyn Lake, Libby Creek, and plenty of wildflowers.

RV, trees, valley, clouds

Tardis overlooking Laramie Valley

Lake, mountains, trees, snow

Lewis Lake

My next camp was Sugarloaf CG at 10,921ft. It had a good view of the mountain peaks, Lewis Lake, and Sugarloaf Mountain at 11,399ft. Hiked North Gap trail 5mi round trip with a 700ft elevation gain. Lakes, rocks, wildflowers, and snow banks were plentiful. The trail went past Libby Lake, Lewis Lake, South and North Gap Lakes, and a view of Shelf Lakes beyond.

Cliff, rocks, trees

Rocky cliff along Gap Lakes trail

Lake, mountains, rocks, snow

South Gap Lake

Continuing my tour of the Snowys, I hiked to the Red Mask Mine and a miner’s cabin. Saw some terrific wildflowers along the highway. Stopped at Mirror Lake, Marie Lake Falls, and Silver Lake. Medicine Bow Peak was 12,013ft and in the clouds.

Log cabin, trees, grass

Red Mask Miner’s Cabin ruin

Flowers, grass

Wildflowers in the Snowy Range

The clouds moved in and covered much of the mountains. So, I didn’t get all the shots of the peaks or the meadows and valley I was expecting. Still, it was some beautiful scenery.

Lake, mountain, trees, rocks

Mirror Lake with clouds rolling in

Cascade, creek, rocks, flowers

Marie Lake Falls

My final camp was boondocking near Lincoln Park. It was at a lower elevation, and was nothing special; except for the deer that came through. My time in the Snowy Range was enjoyable with pleasant temps, a good variety of scenery, and more trails than I could hike.

Camps: Medicine Bow NF-Fallen Pines boondock, Sugarloaf CG drycamp, Lincoln Park boondock
Scene: Mountains, snowbanks, forest, lakes, rocks, waterfall, wildflowers

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4 Responses to Snowy Range

  1. Bradford Harris August 22, 2015 at 7:35 pm #

    Amazing photos! Oh, how I would love to do a little fishing in those pristine waters. You are living the dream – seeing more places than most people visit in a lifetime. Take care and enjoy!

    • Pleinguy August 23, 2015 at 1:18 pm #

      That area is a fisherman’s heaven; you’d love it. Thanks for the good vibe about the photos.

  2. Ralph Parker August 24, 2015 at 6:56 am #

    Beautiful! You are truly doing what most of us would like to be doing. Wonderful photos!

    • Pleinguy August 24, 2015 at 1:31 pm #

      I’m enjoying the doing Ralph. It’s great to be able to travel and see all these fantastic places. Now that you have a travel rig, get out there and explore.

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