Grand Marais

(Grand Marais MN)
Situated on the north shore of Lake Superior was the village of Grand Marais. A popular tourist destination with shops, galleries, restaurants, and lodging. It was easy to walk around the small town to see the offerings.

Grand Marais 1

Grand Marais – Minnesota North Shore

Grand Marais 2

Shops near the Harbor

I stopped there for lunch on the way to my next camp. Getting a fish dinner was my goal; but, all of those spots were too busy. So, I settled for pie at Sven & Ole’s Pizza. Have you ever eaten Scandinavian pizza?

Grand Marais 3

Flowers in the Park

Grand Marais 4

Flowers by the Harbor

There were flowers in the cute park next to the harbor for the boats, and a small lighthouse that marked the entry. It was quite a nice place, even though I don’t usually care much for touristy towns.

Grand Marais 5

Lighthouse & Boats in the Harbor

Grand Marais 6

Grand Marais & Lake Superior from the Hills

(Grand Marais MI)
Surprisingly, there was another harbor town, with the same name, on the south shore of Lake Superior. Located on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it too was a tourist stop with similar features as the one in Minnesota.

Grand Marais 7

Harbor of Grand Marais – Michigan Upper Peninsula

Camp: Superior NF-Devil Track Lake CG drycamp
Scene: Harbor, lake, shops

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