Land Between the Lakes

(Grand Rivers KY to Dover TN)
Between Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake lies Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Before the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers were dammed to form these lakes, it was known as the land between the rivers by those living there.

Land Between the Lakes

Land Between the Lakes – Fenton Lake CG

I stayed at four campgrounds while there exploring between the lakes in late September. Each was by the water, and in the woods; in two I chose electric, and two were drycamping.

Land Between the Lakes

Hillman Ferry CG

Land Between the Lakes

Cravens Bay CG

My favorite site was on Cravens Bay off of Barkley Lake, because it was away from the regular campsites by myself. Plus, the weather had turned cooler making it more pleasant.

Land Between the Lakes

Devils Elbow on Lake Barkley

Land Between the Lakes

Piney CG

This area had regular campgrounds and back country camping, hiking and horse riding trails, OHV riding area, swimming, and of course boating and fishing. There were also historical stops, a nature center, planetarium, bison and elk range, and a re-created 1850s farm.

There was a lot to do; but, I only did a few things. One would need to stay longer, or return to experience all of it.

Camps: Fenton Lake, Hillman Ferry, Cravens Bay, Piney
Scene: Lakes, forest, camps

Note: This visit occurred in September.

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4 Responses to Land Between the Lakes

  1. Martha November 3, 2016 at 9:52 am #

    Land Between the Lakes was being developed when I was a kid. We had family picnics there just about every summer. I probably wouldn’t recognize it today.

    • Pleinguy November 3, 2016 at 11:41 am #

      I think you are right. It wasn’t at all like I expected.

  2. Peter Scarnati November 22, 2016 at 4:19 pm #

    About 30 years ago, my wife and myself camped there (in a tent) at Devil’s Elbow Campground for almost two weeks. It was a COE campground, was very small, and mostly tailored to tent camping, as I recall. I noticed you included a picture from Devil’s Elbow in your post and am wondering if there is still a campground there. Since we’ve been RVing the past couple of years, I have been searching for that campground with little to no luck. My latest research seems to describe the area as day-use only, but it is hard to know for sure. We had one of our most memorable camping trips there and would really like to return someday, in our RV of course! Can you shed any light? Thanks for your help, and I have enjoyed following your travels.

    • Pleinguy November 22, 2016 at 4:37 pm #

      The entire area is managed by the Forest Service now; no COE. The camps like you describe, they call Backcountry camping which require a special permit, and have a more limited stay time. Old info I have does show a Devils Elbow camp; however their current info says Day Use Only. There was a gravel road going to that area which was very narrow and somewhat overgrown; did not look suitable for an RV. My guess is that the camp you used has been closed down.

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