Baseball Game

(Boston MA)
Attended a major league baseball game at Fenway Park with the Baltimore Orioles playing the Boston Red Sox. It was near the end of the schedule, and neither team was in contention for post season games.

Baseball Game – Fenway Park

We had pretty good seats under the overhang, and on the right field side. The pitchers’ bullpens were nearby; so, we got to see some players up close. There were several homeruns by both teams.

Stadium Pre-game
From Our Seats During Game

Hadn’t been to a big league game since I was a teen. So, the crowds were a bit much for me. My friend kept me comfortable though, and everyone was very friendly. Of course, we had some ballpark franks and drinks.

Oriole’s Players Warming Up
Game in Progress

My friend was a Boston fan, and me a Baltimore fan since my high school days. Final score was Red Sox 4, Orioles 9. The weather was perfect, and we had a grand time in the ol’ ballpark!

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