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Río Guadalupe Canyon

(Cañon NM) The Río Guadalupe flowed down between the Sierra Nacimiento and the Jémez Mountains through a deep canyon with rugged cliffs. It was often difficult to see the river because of the deep gorge. High mesas surrounded the canyon area. Pullouts along the narrow road provided photo opportunities. Tall, jagged cliffs arose from the […]

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Tsankawi Ruins

Tsankawi Ruins

(White Rock NM) The ancient native ruins and trail at Tsankawi is part of Bandalier National Monument, although distant from the main part. The ancestral Tewa peoples that dwelled there were related to the current San Ildefonso Pueblo which is nearby. It sat atop a mesa accessed by a trail going up paths that have […]

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Echo Ampitheater

Echo Amphitheater

(nr Abíquíu NM) On my way south, I stopped at Echo Amphitheater to check it out. An area of high cliffs, with a curved indent, provided the conditions for the sound to bounce back. A paved walkway took me toward the cliff in order to sample the echo effect. At the beginning was a large […]

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