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Yellowstone NP, Lamar Valley

Yellowstone – Wildlife

(Lamar Valley WY) Yellowstone National Park wildlife is varied and plentiful; so I was told. Sometimes they are easy to find, or they can also be elusive. Dawn and dusk are the times when they are on the move, and so best to find them. My visit was planned for the evening. When stopped at […]

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Yellowstone NP, Gibbon Falls

Yellowstone – Waterfalls

(Madison Jct WY) The waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park were of more interest to me than the thermal features. Each was of a different size and character so they were impressive in their own way. Gibbon Falls Gibbon Falls at 84ft was the shortest waterfall, but still picturesque with the rock cliffs on both sides. […]

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Yellowstone – Thermals

(nr Madison Jct WY) Yellowstone National Park is noted for its thermal features. While they were not of the most interest for me, I still enjoyed seeing them. Colorful, steaming, bubbling, boiling and spouting they were an unusual sight. Old Faithful Geyser My timing was perfect as I arrived just ten minutes before Old Faithful […]

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