Yellowstone – Wildlife

(Lamar Valley WY)
Yellowstone National Park wildlife is varied and plentiful; so I was told. Sometimes they are easy to find, or they can also be elusive. Dawn and dusk are the times when they are on the move, and so best to find them. My visit was planned for the evening.

Bison, creek, field

Yellowstone National Park – Bison Herd

When stopped at Tower Fall, I spoke with a ranger that was a wolf specialist. He was headed to the Lamar Valley where he thought he would see them. That was my destination too; but, I had no luck locating the wolves. They tend to remain far away, so binoculars are needed.

On the other hand, bison were everywhere. Sometimes they were distant, and other times very close. Leisurely grazing in a field, large and unfazed by humans, they were easy to photograph.

Bison, grass

Bison Group

Bison close, wildflowers

Bison Resting

Bears are another story. Both black bears and grizzlies were leery and hard to find. However, I got lucky when one happened to cross the road in front of me. So, I stopped to get some quick photos as it didn’t linger for long.

Bear, wildflowers

Black Bear

Bear, grass

Bear Browsing

Elk, wolves, pronghorns, moose, mule deer, and bighorn sheep are all found in Yellowstone, and can be seen at the right time and place. The drive through Lamar Valley provided enough wildlife viewing for me.

River, rocks, cascade

Lamar River Rapids

It was getting dark as I headed out the northeast gate. A rewarding visit to the country’s first national park provided ample highlights for my short time passing through.

Site: Yellowstone NP – Wildlife
Scene: Bison, bear, river, hills

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