Beartooth Highway

(nr Cooke City MT)
After leaving Yellowstone National Park, I found a camp just before dark along the Beartooth Highway. No tent campers allowed due to frequent grizzly visits. A deer greeted me as I paid my fee. The morning light revealed a nice view of the mountains.

Mountain, trees, hill

Betroth Highway – Colter CG

Driving the highway, I came across a pull-out at Crazy Creek Falls. An amazing fall and cascade was a very short hike from the road. The trail continued into the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.

Waterfall, rocks, trees

Crazy Creek Falls

Creek, rocks, cascade

Crazy Creek Cascades

Further up the road, there was another fall. I believe it was Lake Creek Falls, that flowed from a couple of lakes upstream. The water was funneled through a narrow gap, so it plunged rapidly and was mostly foamy.

Waterfall, rocks, trees, log

Lake Creek Falls

Creek, rocks, cascading water

Lake Creek Cascade

Some impressive cliffs were seen, and jagged peaks loomed in the distance. For my short trip on the Beartooth Highway, I got to see some of my favorite things.

Cliff, trees, clouds

Cliff along Beartooth Highway

Mountain peaks, trees

Peaks looking back west

One last stop was at Clarks Fork overlook. From there, you could see into the expansive canyon where the Clarks Fork-Yellowstone River flowed.

Mountains, canyon, hills

Clarks Fork Canyon from Overlook

Luckily, my route did not continue up to the almost 11,000 ft Beartooth Pass. Instead, I turned onto Chief Joseph Highway heading back southeast into Wyoming.

Camp: Custer NF-Colter CG drycamp
Scene: Mountains, cliffs, creeks, waterfalls


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