Just outside Bisti Badlands

Pre-Bisti Badlands

(nr Tsaya NM/NN) The day before my trek into the Bisti Wilderness, I checked out an area across the road from the parking lot. While outside the designated area, it looked interesting. So, I went traipsing around to see what I could find. To my surprise there were some really interesting rock formations. Like a […]

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Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness

Bisti Wilderness

(nr Tsaya NM/NN) Bisti Wilderness is at the western end of a 46,000 acres area that includes the De-Na-Zin Wilderness to the east. The two were combined in 1996, and is now known as Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness. The area is referred to as badlands, with odd rock formations, rough hills, caverns or cave-ins, box canyons, and […]

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NM-371 Continental Divide

Continental Divide

(Thoreau to Crownpoint NM) Normally going across the Continental Divide is nothing special. Not even elevation is anything noteworthy. In fact a few days prior, I had crossed the divide with nary a thought about it. This time it was different. Driving on NM-371 between the towns of Thoreau and Crownpoint I just had to […]

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