Heating and Cooling the RV

(Jacksonville FL) Controlling the comfort level in an RV can be a challenging task. The preferred method is to move the RV to a better climate. But, sometimes my situation may not allow for an immediate change in location. Many RVs do not have enough insulation. Lucky for me the Lazy Daze motorhome I plan […]

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In the Shadows

Traveling and Painting

(Jacksonville FL) Traveling and painting along the way is a long time dream of mine. I’ve never had the time or resources to make a go of it. The closest I have come is being involved with plein air painting. That is, going out somewhere and painting on location. A few years ago I lived […]

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Portable Computing

(Jacksonville FL) Another step has been taken toward creating my ideal mobile office. I replaced my old desktop with a new laptop. The 15″ screen is a nice compromise between usefulness and portability. It will be ideal for RV living, and can be used in different situations like outside on a picnic table or going […]

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