(Caballo NM)
Below the dam that creates the reservoir, is the Riverside Campground section of Caballo Lake State Park. It stretches out along the Río Grande and offers several camping options; full hook-ups, electric/water, no hook-ups, and group area.

Trees, river, mountains

Mountains through the trees at Riverside CG

During the winter, it seems, fewer campers stay there. Either because it doesn’t have the expansive view overlooking the lake and mountains, or simply because not as many know about it. The ambiance is certainly different. Riverside has a variety of trees, a stony beach along the river, and a spot where you can cross over the water and hike up into the rugged mountains on the other side.

Grove of trees at campground

Lots of trees at Riverside

I especially liked the dry camping area where the back-in sites run along the river and extend to the far end of the park. Cliffs, on the other side of the river provide, a sense of drama. During warmer weather it would be ideal camping. And, those sites are free with the annual camping pass.

River by the cliffs

Tall cliffs along the Rio Grande

My stay at Riverside CG was peaceful, quiet and the weather was superb. Return visits, during the shoulder seasons, are certain.

Camp: Caballo Lake SP-Riverside CG
Scene: River, dam, mountains, trees

3 Responses to Riverside

  1. Ted January 6, 2014 at 2:05 pm #

    It’s not a bad CG. Things to watch out for: cow herds roaming through, including bulls fighting it out and LOTS of cow pies with flies swarming; super crowds on holidays overfilling the sites and parking willy-nilly all over the grassy areas (seen Easter 2012); and those dry sites along the river get regularly covered by dust clouds from folks racing through on that dirt road.

    • Pleinguy January 6, 2014 at 3:48 pm #

      You may be right about those issues when it gets warmer. I only saw two cows and a few pies; no flies, no crowds, no dust. My habit on holidays is to camp at less desirable locations to avoid the rude masses

    • Ted January 6, 2014 at 5:34 pm #

      Yup, I meant to say at other times of the year. You won’t get the flies, crowds, or fishing dudes racing on the dusty dirt road to get to the restroom in the wintry below-freezing-at-night season. 😉

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