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Río Guadalupe Canyon

(Cañon NM) The Río Guadalupe flowed down between the Sierra Nacimiento and the Jémez Mountains through a deep canyon with rugged cliffs. It was often difficult to see the river because of the deep gorge. High mesas surrounded the canyon area. Pullouts along the narrow road provided photo opportunities. Tall, jagged cliffs arose from the […]

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Cataract Gulch

Cataract Gulch Cascades

(nr Lake City CO) The reason for hiking up the trail in Cataract Gulch was to see them and get photographs of the cataracts AKA cascades. There was a sign pointing to a spur trail that lead to the upper part of the tumbling waters. The big drops were at that place. But, the excitement […]

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Mammoth Creek

Mammoth Creek

(nr Duck Creek Village UT) Mammoth Creek was suggested as a good spot to camp in the forest. It was a long drive, but somewhat in the direction I wanted to go. So, off I went to find it. Several miles on a paved road, and a couple of miles up a gravel road got […]

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