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Downtown Murals

(Truth or Consequences NM) When walking around T-or-C, it seemed like there was something artsy everywhere I looked. Murals, sculptures, a decorative fountain, colorful buildings, galleries, and even the water tower. It made the whole town cheery and inviting. While taking a shortcut, on a side street, I found the back side of buildings also […]

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The Studio

This is one of several posts I’m doing to highlight how livable my RV rig Tardis is for such a small motorhome. I’m very pleased with the quality and thoughtful features designed into this 23.5 ft. Lazy Daze Twin-King model. Traveling around in a small motorhome to find interesting places to paint is very exciting. […]

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Toned Ground

Before starting a painting, I usually apply a color toned ground to the painting panel. I like to use a medium value earth color, like sienna, umber, or ochre. Having a tone already on the panel helps me see the relative light/dark and warm/cool character of the color I’m using right away. The undertone can […]

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