Downtown Murals

(Truth or Consequences NM)
When walking around T-or-C, it seemed like there was something artsy everywhere I looked. Murals, sculptures, a decorative fountain, colorful buildings, galleries, and even the water tower. It made the whole town cheery and inviting.

Painting, horses, natives

Downtown Murals – Natives

While taking a shortcut, on a side street, I found the back side of buildings also had murals, clever decorations, and fence art. A bank had a sculpture in it’s parking lot, too. All of this art seemed to have been done by local artists; and so, had a special affinity for the place.

Painting, flowers, butterflies

Garden Mural

Painting, skeleton, ravens

El Día de los Muertos Mural

Painting, coyotes, desert

Coyotes Mural

As I strolled around town, I noticed that the shops even had creative names, like Victorian Hippie Chic, Miner’s Claim, Passion Pie Café, The Brazen Fox, House of Pain, Lattitude 33, Bead Hive, Black Cat Books, Forget About It, Horsin’ Around, Grasshopper Silk, Dust & Glitter, Moon Goddess, When Pigs Fly just to name a few.

Sculpture, quail, wall

Quail Sculpture

Sculpture, mixed media

Steer Sculpture

Mixed media collage on fence

Fence Collage

What a wonderful way to make downtown appealing. It was a pleasure seeing the creative spirit of this town. If you’re ever near, take the time to experience this art filled place.

Painting, saint

Madonna Mural

Paintings, bench

Rio Grande Mural

Mixed media

Las Palomas Fountain

Afterward, I went down to Caballo Lake State Park and free camped next to the lake, with a good view of the mountains on the other side.

Painting, natives, tank

Water Tower Mural

Camp: Caballo Lake SP-Lakeview drycamp
Scene: Murals, sculptures, fountain

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3 Responses to Downtown Murals

  1. The Good Luck Duck December 23, 2015 at 11:59 am #

    I can’t recall seeing that first one – where is it?

    • Pleinguy December 23, 2015 at 12:18 pm #

      It’s on the wall over Grapevine Bistro and Bead Hive. There are other small ones on other store fronts too.

  2. The Good Luck Duck December 26, 2015 at 7:38 am #

    Good grief – I must have seen it a hundred times, and not seen it once. Thanks!

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