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Nevada Northern RR

(Ely NV) The Nevada Northern Railway East Ely Depot and Yard is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The entire complex is operated as a living museum and offers activities and train rides to the public. Most notable is the Christmas Eve “Polar Express” run into the surrounding mountains looking for Santa’s workshop. […]

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Blog Fest

(Quartzsite AZ) Attended the Blog Fest organized by a couple of enterprising traveling bloggers. It was an opportunity to meet others with an online journal; and, to put a face to the words. There were about 50 people there which I thought was a pretty good turnout. Here are a few of the blogs that […]

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Logs Along the Way

While hiking, I am always looking for interesting subjects. Sometimes, I come across an intriguing fallen tree. Its weathered and ravaged trunk stands out amid the greenery. One wonders how, in these seemingly verdant conditions, the trees have fallen. Was it due to pests, a lightning strike, or perhaps just from old age? Even in […]

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