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Elephant Butte

Andy and I arrived in Truth-or-Consequences, and stopped at the Wal-mart to resupply. It took me way longer because the store was laid out differently than I am accustomed. Afterward, I continued to follow him to the campground. (Elephant Butte NM) Elephant Butte Lake State Park has a campground just a couple of miles from […]

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Just Relaxing

(Largo FL) The week with my cousins in the Tampa Bay area was fun. I got to see family, have lunch with another artist friend, and did some work on Tardis. More about the mods I made in another post. Ate too much, got some laundry done, purged more items I was hauling around, and […]

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The Last Week

(Jacksonville FL) My last week in Jacksonville was an eventful one. The car was sold just three days before my retirement date allowing me to continue using it for commuting to work. One of the final links to break from the work-a-day life. My Lazy Daze motorhome went to the mechanic for a thorough check-up […]

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