Choosing an RV Rig

(Jacksonville FL)
I’ve checked out a lot of motorhomes looking for a rig that will meet my needs for the plein air journey. Small enough so I don’t need to tow a car, and so I can get into those out of the way places. It has to have a generator, and sufficient holding tanks for a two week stay in the remote locations I’m likely to be painting. And, enough carry capacity for all of my stuff, since it will be my full-time home. One that has all the necessities and yet doesn’t feel too cramped. Of course, it should be well built to withstand the rigors of such a task. I will need to buy a used unit after the house sells, as I intend to pay cash. The chosen RV, that meets all my needs, is a Lazy Daze Twin King. You can see a new one on the LD website. Finding the right one may take awhile, but when I do it will begin transporting me on my plein air journey.

Camp: Home in the sticks-n-bricks
Scene: Residential neighborhood


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