Searching for Painterly Places

(Jacksonville FL)
Finding interesting places to paint is the primary goal for the plein air journey. I prefer landscapes that are wild and natural which are usually found in remote locations. Deep in the woods, up a lightly used trail, out in the desert, or a secluded mountain valley often reveal little gems.

8x10 oil on linen panel

Primal Ormond

My plan is to travel on the byways and to search for out of the way places. The mountain west is one of my favorite areas, but there are wonderful possibilities in all parts of the country. Boondocking and hiking in BLM, COE, forests or parks, and exploring side roads to discover paintable vistas will be my norm. I’m eager to begin the search for those painterly places.

Camp: Home in the sticks-n-bricks
Scene: Residential neighborhood

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