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(Jacksonville FL)
Today was the big day for putting up the for sale sign in the front yard. After a year of work getting the house ready for market, the time has come to see if anyone wants it. The agent says the house has good curb appeal and looks really nice. And says this is a good time of year to be selling here in Florida. He’s confident it will sell at close to asking price.

Florida house for sale

The first showing is tomorrow to someone that wants to move closer to work. I hope this is an indication that people are buying. My agent only shows to those that are pre-approved for a loan. The agency is associated with my regional credit union, so has built-in financing as well as using other sources. They have a local Sunday TV show to promote their offerings, a flier distributed to all their branches, advertise regionally and out-of-state, and of course list with MLS.

The local market is seeing declining inventory of homes, and rising selling prices. I’m encouraged by this news and excited to take this step toward my retirement goals.

Camp: Home in the sticks-n-bricks
Scene: Residential neighborhood

The house sold in just two weeks, and closed in two months. I am now home free!

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  1. Dragonfly February 10, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    Good luck, this is so exciting. I can’t wait till your blog becomes about taking your art on the road. I’m going to need some tips myself.

  2. Pleinguy February 10, 2013 at 10:31 pm #

    Thank you Dragonfly; I will need the luck. I too am eager to start traveling and painting. I expect to switch from oils to acrylics because I think they will be easier to work with on the road. Hope you have fun with your new rig and situation.

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