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The Last Week

(Jacksonville FL) My last week in Jacksonville was an eventful one. The car was sold just three days before my retirement date allowing me to continue using it for commuting to work. One of the final links to break from the work-a-day life. My Lazy Daze motorhome went to the mechanic for a thorough check-up […]

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Home Free

(Jacksonville FL) Just a short note to announce that the house is finally in my past. Closing took place yesterday morning, so I am now home free. It took two weeks longer than originally projected, but was worth the wait. I am free in more ways than being homeless. Like no more yard work, blowing […]

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Shakedown Review

(Tucson AZ to Jacksonville FL) Time for a look at the completed First Road Trip with the new-to-me Lazy Daze Twin-King motorhome. While the 2,020 mile trip was quick, it included several very different camps, getting to know the rig, and lessons learned.   At first it would seem a waste to cover so much […]

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