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Preparing the Sticks-n-Bricks

(Jacksonville FL) This past November I had the roof on my house redone. It was perhaps the most important thing needed to prepare the house for sale. Now I’m removing a deck built many years ago that has seen better days. It will be replaced with stepping stones, and a new flower garden to make […]

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Getting Rid of Stuff

(Jacksonville FL) I’ve never been one to buy lots of things. However, over the years, stuff does add up. Starting a year ago, I began gradually getting rid of stuff by various means. Clothes have been donated to Goodwill, books given to the nearest high school and public library. Art stuff from my studio is […]

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Approaching the Journey

(Jacksonville FL) As I near retirement age, I am preparing to live my goal of traveling and painting fulltime in an RV. Much research has gone into the steps needed to make a successful transition. Among them are selling the house and car, buying a suitable rig, getting rid of the stuff that has accumulated over […]

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