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Mobile Office

( Jacksonville FL) One thing often lacking in a motor home or RV is a dedicated office space. Since I spend a lot of my time working at the computer, my plan is to create a mobile office by altering the lounge area.   As the drawing shows, it will involve removing one sofa and […]

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The Great Art Studio Purge

(Jacksonville FL) The art studio has a tendency to accumulate stuff; art materials, tools, paintings, frames and so forth. Few of these things can be taken with me on the plein air journey. I’m in the process of selling, donating, gifting or dumping whatever cannot be used while traveling. New items, left over from when […]

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Papers and Proofs

(Jacksonville FL) One task to accomplish before heading down the road to full-time RVing is to ensure essential documents are aboard. It’s amazing how many papers are needed for proofs or legal reasons. While most of these will be scanned into the computer, and placed on a USB flash drive, I also want to have […]

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