ACE of a Camp

(Chattahoochee FL)
When I arrived at the chosen campground for my Monday overnight it was full. They were kind enough to phone a few other places to find me a spot. It turned out to be just on the other side of the lake.

The fourth night of my First Road Trip was spent at Eastbank Campground, an Army Corps of Engineers park. It sits on the banks of Lake Seminole just above the dam on the Georgia side. This lake straddles the border between Georgia and Florida. I checked in for one night and paid $11 with the America the Beautiful Senior Pass. The very nice lady warned me about the aggressive ants that might want to make my RV their home.

As I proceeded to my site, I heard a terrible click-click noise and determined it only happened while moving. When I got to the bottom of the hill a boy ran over and waved me down. He exclaimed “look at your wheel mister, it’s in bad shape!”. So, I got out to see, perplexed because there was no handling problem. It turns out that the nuts holding the wheel cover on had come off, and the cover was only saved by the air lines attached to it. An ugly thing, but an easy fix when I can get to a parts store. It turns out my walk-arounds at each stop did not pick-up on the problem. Something probably only a novice would miss; but I’ll learn.

I proceeded to my lake front spot with electric and water on Site 30, and backed in easily on a perfectly level slab. My neighbor rushed over to help. He offered to take me back up the road to look for the lug nuts. Then drove me into town to an auto parts store that didn’t have what I needed. This proved what others have said about the good nature and helpfulness of most RVers.

Tardis at Eastbank CG

It was cold with a strong wind coming off the lake. So, I spent little time outdoors. I fixed soup in the microwave, took a shower and settled in. Overnight low outside was 40 degrees, and again the furnace kept me cozy. Since I left with no bedding, I’ve been sleeping on the couch in my clothes and a sweater.

I caught up on some mail and internet work. Reception was spotty as it jumped between 1-3 bars and 1xEVDO to 3G. No doubt because of being at the bottom of a densely wooded hill in a very rural area. I’ve been surprised to find internet almost everywhere I’ve travelled. That’s a good thing as I depend on it for many things.

In the morning I phoned my cousin who lives about an hour away. We agreed to get together in the afternoon at her place out in the country. That will provide yet another camping experience. I left about noon after unhooking, doing my walk-around, emptying the trash, and dumping the tanks.

Camp: ACE-Eastbank CG
Scene: Lake view and woodsy

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  1. J. RICHARD SECOR March 27, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    Looks like a real nice spot!!

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