Family Camp

(Cairo GA)
After leaving Eastbank Campground, I was invited to my cousins place out in the country just an hour or so away. It had been several years since we had seen each other.

I made a stop on the way to see if the hubcap issue could be resolved. But, it will have to wait until later. And, of course I spent some time making wrong turns and trying to locate her place. She had moved to another location a few miles away which I eventually found.

The first order of business was to back into the spot where they had full hook-ups. Yes, I did say that correctly (water, septic, 30amp power). You see, they used to have an RV. Well, the ground was still soft from recent rains, so it took several attempts. The neighbor is a cabinet maker, and luckily he had plenty of scrap boards to assist in getting level.

Tardis at my cousin’s place

Then we went inside and got caught up on family news, and my adventure getting the Lazy Daze RV. I mentioned having to go all the way across the country without any of the normal supplies, and that I was sleeping in my clothes and eating in all the time. Well, she gets up and walks to another room and returns with a quilt as a gift to my new home. Wow! That was really needed and appreciated.

Of course, she prepared an excellent home cooked meal of chicken, corn, green beans, sweet potato, rice and gravy. Soon they had a previously planned activity to attend. I returned to my RV and got caught up on email and internet work. Which, by the way, was done via the free WiFi they provided. Then it was time for bed and a chance to snuggle under that warm quilt.

My cousin, me and Tardis

In the morning, we gathered again for a delicious breakfast of Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, and ham. More conversation, getting caught up on family contact info over a cup of hot tea. This was followed by a tour of their property. And finally by late morning it was time to leave this beautiful pastoral setting. What could be finer than a family camp next to a lake with a veggie garden outside your door, some bee hives in the distance, fluttering birds visiting the feeder, and all the comforts one could want?! Oh, and they also gifted me a plate of that dinner, and a bag of pecans from their own grove. Su-weeet!

They were going to Wal-mart in the next town, which happened to be on my route, so they escorted me through the country side to the store. I purchased some more leveling blocks since what I had proved insufficient. Filled up on gas and headed out on the last leg of my First Road Trip.

Camp: Back yard of my cousin
Scene: Lake view,  rural and pastural

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  1. J. RICHARD SECOR March 28, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

    Sounds like you had a good stay – Jacksonville bound!

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