Waltz Across Texas

(Del Rio TX)
After driving for way too long, I arrived late in the evening at Amistad National Recreation Area. There are several campgrounds around a very large reservoir that are several miles apart. I found a nice spot in the San Pedro CG with a shelter and picnic table.

Tardis at Amistad NRA-San Pedro CG

I had arrived in the desert of southwest Texas. Proof is this photo of a flowering sage. There were only two other campers there who happened to be the RVers I intended to meet up with. We went to What-a-burger for dinner and had a nice visit (my first time eating there since leaving Florida).

Flowering sage bush

The next day my friends headed for the Gulf coast, and I went exploring the area. Rough Canyon had a view of large cliffs hovering over the water. It was very windy there, and much developed with too many buildings and people for my taste.

Rough Canyon at Amstad NRA

Closer to where I camped the previous night, I found 277 North CG near the bridge that spans the reservoir. It was not far off the paved road, and with just one other camper; a biker in a tent. It was a quiet night,

Tardis at Amistad NRA-277N CG

All of these campsites have a shelter, picnic table, trash can, and a vault toilet nearby. There are trails, boat ramp, and maps. For $2 per night it’s a good deal. But, I had my mind set on other places, so moved on after just two nights.

(Pecos River)
Westward on US-90 brought me to the Pecos River Overlook which provided a nice break and a great view. The span is 273 ft above the water, with vertical cliffs on both sides. A very impressive sight!

Rio Pecos Bridge on US-90

There were plaques explaining the history of the area, shelters with picnic tables, and plenty of parking. After a short stay, to see the views and stretch my legs, I continued westward on US-90.

(Langtry TX)
A few more miles took me to the Visitor Center of the Jersey Lilly Saloon. It was named after the then famous stage actress Lillie Langtry. And, made famous by Judge Roy Bean who was known as the “Only law west of the Pecos” in his day. It is preserved as it was then; complete with natural air conditioning between the siding boards.

Inside Jersey Lilly Saloon at Langtry

The Visitor Center had displays of Judge Bean’s colorful career, and a walking garden with desert plants. It was free, and worth the stop even though it had a bit of the tourist trap air. Still a good distance to go, so on I went.

(Sanderson TX)
Further west, I stopped for gas, and bought a take-out Mexican dinner. About 30 miles west of town I pulled into a rest stop to sleep overnight. Here, I ate the meal and settled in for the evening. By 11pm traffic noise was infrequent, and did not bother me at all. It was about half way to my next big adventure, and it was free.

Tardis at US-90 Texas Reststop

A great thing about traveling in Tardis is that I get to stop and see things along the way. This leg of the journey was a good example of the variety of things to do, and the leisurely pace afforded by driving the ‘blue highways’.

Camps: Amistad NRA-San Pedro CG & 277N CG, US-90 Reststop
Scene: Desert, reservoir, canyons, river

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  1. Bradford December 5, 2013 at 5:22 am #

    Once again, the pictures were beautiful. You’re so correct – you can’t beat this type of travel. You can see so many interesting things and then just kick back and relax wherever. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • Pleinguy December 5, 2013 at 5:29 am #

      It’s been a lot of fun traveling through southwest Texas. There’s something special about being in the desert. I appreciate you following the journey, and taking the time to comment.

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