Vermilion Cliffs

(nr Marble Canyon AZ)
After Marble Canyon, I continued along US-89A, which follows the Vermilion Cliffs until House Rock, where it climbs up to the Kaibab Plateau.

Red rock mesa

Vermilion Cliffs

Mesa and foothills

More of the Vermilion Cliffs

On the way, I stopped at pull-outs to take photos of the cliffs. It was late evening, so the light should have been good. But, because of the clouds and it not being quite late enough, I was disappointed with the results.
Vermilion cliff colors

Another view of the cliffs

RV camped in the pines

Tardis in Kaibab NF

This should have been a more visually exciting route; perhaps the next time, I will find better light. I boondocked overnight just off the highway and up a forest road in the tall pines at about 7,000 ft.
Camp: Kaibab NF dispersed
Scene: Mountains, cliffs, tall pines

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