Mono Lake

(Lee Vining CA)
After boondocking for two days overlooking Mono Lake, I went to South Tufa Viewpoint to see the famed tufas. The strange rock formations jutting out of the lake and onto the shore were fascinating. A trail took me along the beach and through the tufas.

Salt formatins backed by mountains

South Tufa at Mono Lake

They were not what I expected; perhaps because of other blog posts I have read. Still, it was visually exciting with the contrast in textures. Although at times, it seemed a bit fantastic and mysterious to be walking amongst them.

Salt formations

Tufas by the lake

Surrounded by the salt formations

Walking amongst the tufas

The drive to Navy Beach, on a narrow two track road, had bushes scraping the side of Tardis, grrr. Hours of compounding and polishing removed most of them. And, except for the sand tufas, it was the least interesting area.

Sandy beach by lake

Navy Beach

Sand, tufts and grass

Sand Tufas

The brine flies were not an issue when I visited in mid-May. And finally, the weather co-operated and provided a nice day for a stroll on the beach and photographing the rocks.

Salt formations rising out of the lake

Tufas in the lake

Although I was still ahead of schedule, I wanted to be up higher in the cool mountains rather than in the desert. So, I continued on up US-395 to my next camp by a river.

Camp: Boondock-Inyo NF
Scene: Lake, beach, tufa rocks

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