Opera House

(Death Valley Junction CA)
On the way to the next big thing, I stopped to visit the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in the desert. I was told it was worth the time to see, and it surely was!
Facade of building

Opera in the Desert

In the late 1960s Marta Becket, a dancer, pianist, singer and artist from NYC restored a rundown theatre in the desert to hold concerts. She invited her stage and artist friends, and they came. Then others heard of it and started coming; what a story!
Stage inside of theatre

Stage and Piano

She painted murals on the walls, ceiling, made costumes and stage props. She and her stage hand/manager did all the work and played all the parts as she danced and sang her heart out. Although she no longer performs, she still lives on the grounds and rents rooms in the hotel.
Paintings inside the opera house

Mural and Seating

Standing in there brought back memories of my college days working in an experimental theatre project. I  built props, worked lighting, whatever was needed, and lived in a loft of the theatre. The Opera House was really special and worth the guided tour fee.
Fireplace and sofas

Hotel Lobby

That evening, on my way along Hwy-190, I boondocked overnight on BLM land that someone had told me about. It worked out great, was free and was far enough off the highway to be restful.
Camp: BLM boondocked
Scene: Murals, buildings, theatre, desert

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