Fossil Butte

(nr Kemmerer WY)
My route through Wyoming took me past Fossil Butte National Monument. It sets among some buttes that were once part of a pre-historic lake. Numerous fossil digs have been done in the area, and samples are on display.

Tall mesa with clouds

Fossil Butte

There was a demonstration on how they reveal and clean the fossils. It was rather interesting to see the process. A large variety of species have been uncovered.

Close-up of turtle fossil

Turtle Fossil

Small gator fossil

Caiman Fossil

Fish with inside visible

Fish Fossil

I hiked the Nature trail which goes up the side of a butte, past a beaver pond, and through an aspen grove. There I saw a moose amongst the trees, which I thought odd for that region. And, the photos didn’t turn out all that good.

Moose standing amid trees

Moose in the Aspens

I also saw a small snake on the trail. But, he didn’t want his picture taken; so, he quickly slithered into the sage brush. It was a nice side trip along US-30, and only a few hours.

Site: Fossil Butte National Monument
Scene: Buttes, cliffs, aspens, fossils

3 Responses to Fossil Butte

  1. Dizzy-Dick September 2, 2014 at 2:13 am #

    How large are those fossils? Fossils are like a window into the past.

    • Pleinguy September 2, 2014 at 2:58 am #

      Not sure of sizes as I didn’t measure; but of course actual for the critter. I’d say the turtle was about 16 inches, the caiman is a baby so not as big as you might expect, maybe 3 feet.


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