KofA – Horse Tanks

(nr Quartzsite AZ)
Another stop in KofA National Wildlife Refuge took me to the Horse Tanks. They were several watering holes naturally formed in the rock of a canyon. A rough and narrow two-track road that dips through several steep washes leads you there. It really does require a high clearance 4-wheel drive.

Cactus and mountain

Horse Tanks Canyon in KofA NWR

It was about a three mile hike out from my camp across the desert, around hills and through washes. My iPad mini with GPS guided me, and left a crumb trail on the map for the return trip. I eventually met up with the road a short distance before the trailhead.

Wash in canyon

First glimpse of water

Water holes in rocks

Pools in the rocky wash

Walking into the canyon soon provided a brief glimpse of pools in the wash. Closer up these were just small pockets trapped in the rock. The big tanks were yet to come. The first was the largest setting below a cliff and next to a tall rock formation.

Watering hole in the rocks

Large water tank

Water in bottom of hole

Another water tank

From there a lot of rock scrambling was needed to access the others. A couple were in deep pockets that only a mountain goat could reach. A few were wet, but most of the water had drained out. When the canyon got too steep for further exploration I turned back.

Watering hole in a crevice

Difficult to access water hole


Tardis at KofA NWR off of King Valley Rd

A brief respite on top of a large boulder provided a nice view while I ate a small lunch brought along. Then it was back to Tardis and a peaceful camp. I enjoyed a couple of days in the quiet all by myself. And, a good 4G LTE internet signal let me get some computer work done.

Camp: KofA NWR – King Valley Rd boondock
Scene: Mountains, desert, watering holes

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  1. Bradford Harris February 4, 2015 at 12:09 pm #

    Once again those pictures are so cool! Keep the pictures of Tardis coming, too. That’s quite a neat machine. It looks very comfortable! 🙂

    • Pleinguy February 4, 2015 at 3:04 pm #

      Tardis is a wonderful rig and serves my needs perfectly. See more details about it by selecting Tardis in the menu bar.

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