Madera Canyon

(nr Green Valley AZ)
Madera Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains was a beautiful spot with dense tall trees, rock formations, birds, and a multitude of trails in the mountains. It was a nice change of scenery from the grasslands and desert where I had been.

Mountains, trees, hillside

Madera Canyon

Madera Creek Trail
Paralleling the creek, the trail passed flowing water with an occasional cascade over the rocks. Sycamore, cottonwood, pine and oak trees were abundant. An assortment of birds were attracted to the shade and water. There were picnic areas and many interesting scenes along the leisurely and enjoyable hike.

Rocks, water, cascade

Madera Creek Cascade

Trtee, rock, grass

Sycamore near the creek

Bogs Springs Trail
Half the distance to the springs was uphill on a rocky, sunny and uninteresting trail. Once on the turn-off, the trail became narrow and shady with pine and scrub oak trees. Part way, some large rocks provided a spot to rest and view the valley below. At the spring, was a grove of tall sycamores around a concrete holding tank for the water.

Rocks, trees, lookout

Green Valley in the distance

Trees, rocks

Sycamore grove at Bogs Springs

The small Bogs Springs Campground, at 5,048 ft, was set among pine and oak trees and had paved pads. It filled up early in the day, so I was lucky to get a site. Unfortunately, my eyes and nose began to run and itch from the tree pollen I suppose; so, I left after only two days.

RV, trees, mountain

View from campsite

Camp: Coronado NF – Bogs Springs CG
Scene: Creek, spring, mountains

4 Responses to Madera Canyon

  1. Betty and Joe Graffis March 18, 2015 at 1:42 pm #

    Beautiful area. It’s too bad you had to leave so soon.

    • Pleinguy March 18, 2015 at 1:47 pm #

      Yeah, I wanted to stay and do some more hikes. But, I needed to get some antihistamine to deal with the allergies. And, they have helped control the symptoms.

  2. Dorothy March 18, 2015 at 1:47 pm #

    Funny that I never had allergies growing up in Az. In Florida I have them year round. Guess you are experiencing the reverse –Fl. to Az. allergies! It’s a shame you had to leave such a great spot. You had such a wonderful view from that campsite.
    That blue in the sky doesn’t seem real, it’s beautiful. I was sure that the photo “Sycamore near the Creek” was a painting. It certainly should be. It’s a Beautiful composition.

    • Pleinguy March 18, 2015 at 1:51 pm #

      It’s been years since I’ve had allergy issues. It should be OK now that I have meds. There are paintings everywhere out here. That’s one reason I love being in the west.

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