Organ Pipe – Alamo Canyon

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More exploring in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument; this time on the east side, took me to Alamo Canyon. Three miles on a narrow gravel road lead to the trailhead, and a camp suitable for tents and vans. There wasn’t much space for visitors; so, I parked between two of the campsites.

Cactus and cliff

Alamo Canyon with organ pipe cactus

A somewhat rocky trail lead one mile into the canyon, paralleling Alamo Wash, to an abandoned ranch. It was a very scenic hike with plenty of cacti, trees, rock formations and cliffs. At one point, the trail went across a wash that held several pools of water.

Cholla and saguaro cacti

Teddybear cholla in the canyon

Rocks and green water

Pool in the wash

An adobe brick cabin signaled the arrival at the ranch. Further on, was the crossing of the wash, and then the entrance into a corral. There was a decaying fenced area, and a holding tank ruin next to what looked like a wellhead. A sign warned of possible danger if you were to continue on the narrow trail into very dense bushes.

Cabin ruin in front of cliff

Adobe ruin of ranch cabin

Path, tree, fence and mountain

Entry to abandoned corral

I took my time walking back out, and enjoyed the variety of desert plants and views. When I got back to Tardis, there were several van campers arriving to claim the small campground. Twice, while driving out, I had to squeeze to one side of the road to allow others to pass. It was very tight clearance for them to get through.

Mountains, saguaro, bushes

Ajo Range behind saguaro forest

Large tree against blue sky

Ironwood tree at my camp

Driving back to camp, I pulled into a wayside viewpoint for the Ajo Range to take a photo. A return to the large ironwood tree by the wash was a nice ending to an enjoyable time hiking the canyon.

Camp: Gunsight Wash BLM boondock
Scene: Canyon, desert, cacti, ranch ruins

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