Las Ciénegas

(nr Sonoita AZ)
Las Ciénegas National Conservation Area had scenery that was similar to Buenos Aires. Lots of rolling hills with tall grass and mesquite trees. Just to the south of the preserve, near the town of Elgin, were vineyards of Arizona’s largest wine country.

Grasslands, mountains

Las Ciénegas

Besides checking out the area, I was interested to see if it would be a good boondocking location. The gravel road leading in was plenty wide and smooth. In about three miles, there were signs on the right about the area; and, behind them was a two-track with a couple of pull-thru campsites. It looked pretty nice.

Grass, yucca, mountains

Hilltop near camp

Mountains, grass, mesquite

Looking east from camp

That two-track side road lead further in, and a few pick-up trucks, SUVs, and jeeps would use it. However, they all came back out after only a short while. Some horse riders also passed by one day. Otherwise, it was a quiet spot with good 4G internet.

RV, grasslands, distant mountains

Tardis at Road Canyon camp

Clouds, mountains, mesquite

Sunset in Las Ciénegas

On my last day there, a ranger stopped by to check on me. He suggested going to the other end of the preserve to another camp that had an old ranch nearby. I was aware of that option, but really didn’t want to venture so far off my route.

Camp: Las Ciénegas NCA – Road Canyon boondock
Scene: Grasslands, mountains

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