(Lowell AZ)
At the edge of Bisbee was the remnants of Lowell; most of which was gobbled up by the adjacent Bisbee Copper Mine. The folks there have left much of the town as it once was. Store fronts, signs, streets, and even the cars parked by the curb remained as they were in the past.

Old cars, motorcycles  and store fronts

Lowell Street Scene

Turning the corner into town was like passing back into another era. The effect was a bit jarring, yet charming at the same time. Some of the shops were still operating, and a few people were walking about. The Bisbee Breakfast Club is still a popular eatery.

Open pit mine

Bisbee Copper Mine

Old cars and stores

Street from the past

An old Shell gas station with a 50’s era car sitting at the pumps caught my eye. As did the dated stores and cars on the street. Even some of the window displays were stuck in time. Driving out of the neighborhood took me instantly back into the 21st century.

Car at gas pumps

1950’s style gas station

Several miles east of town found me at Whitewater Draw for a free night of dry camping. It was very different from the mountain scenery I had just left. More about that camp in another post. After a busy day, the rest was welcomed.

Camp: Whitewater Draw SWA boondock
Scene: Mountains, old store fronts and cars

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