Lamoille Canyon

(Lamoille NV)
The Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway went 12 miles up into the Ruby Mountains climbing almost 3,000 ft and ending at a parking area at 8,800. Several peaks over 11,000 ft were visible along the way. Referred to as the “Alps of Nevada”, it certainly had that look and feel.

Snow capped mountain canyon

Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains

The paved road had frequent pull-outs and viewpoints, of which I took advantage. A cascading creek, numerous random waterfalls, towering cliffs, and snow capped peaks were a feast for the eyes.

RV below cliffs

Tardis at a pull-out viewpoint

Cliff, mountain

Cliffs in the canyon

Three picnic areas, a Forest Service campground, and a Lions Club campground provided opportunities to linger. The glaciated canyons with rugged rocks, green fields, pine and aspen trees all added to the beauty.

Mountains, trees in canyon

Glaciated canyon view

Mountain, waterfall

Random waterfall

There were hiking trails down to the creek, into the mountains, and up to alpine lakes. One could spend a lot of time exploring the canyon and mountains. There was no boondocking allowed, and campgrounds were full, or else I would have stayed to do some hiking.

Waterfall on cliff

Another waterfall

Rocks in creek

Cascading creek

At the end of the road, I was treated to views of the snow-capped mountains and a cascading creek. Had I known in advance, I would have hiked to an alpine lake just one mile up a trail. With the snow-pack I’m not sure how accessible it was.

Snow capped mountains and creek

Scene at top viewpoint

If you are ever in the area of Elko, a trip up the canyon will amaze you. In the springtime there is snow, lots of water, and wildflowers. And in the fall, I imagine the colors would be spectacular.

Camp: Alamo Casino overnight
Scene: Mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, creek

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