Indian Bathtubs

(Riverside WY)
I had a nice lunch at the Bear Trap in this small town. When leaving, I stopped and hiked a short trail to see the Indian Bathtubs. Depressions atop some large rock formations were believed to be used by natives for bathing. They would serve the purpose well if there had been rain recently. Otherwise, water would need to be hauled from the nearby creek or river.

Rock with depressions

Indian Bathtubs

The 1/2 mile trail went up and down hills, past some rock outcroppings, a bench to rest part way, and with a view of the surrounding area. A couple of interpretive signs explained about the tubs. Not a lot to see, but worth the short walk.

Rock formation

Rock formation holding tubs

Tree, rocks, bench

Bench to rest along trail

Rocks, trees, mountain

Rocks and view along the trail

A camp I had planned to use turned out to not be to my liking. However, I did get to see some pronghorns on the way there. It was the first time I had seen them without horns.

Antelope on hill

Young pronghorns watching me

Stream, tree, bridge

Willow Creek by camp

So, my next camp found me in Colorado at the Trail Creek Trailhead, which was actually next to Willow Creek. Access to some trails up into the mountains was easy, of which I took advantage. It was fairly close to the lightly used highway, yet turned out to be a pretty nice free camp.

Camp: Arapaho NF-Willow Creek boondock
Scene: Trail, rocks, wildlife, creek

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