Sierra Madre

(nr Encampment WY)
Sierra Madre is the mountain range just west of the small town of Encampment. I had read about a nice trail going up to a waterfall in the mountains. A hike through the forest sounded good. So, off I went.

Pond, trees, grass

Pond in the Sierra Madre

Green Mountain Falls
Info indicated 1.7mi one-way from the parking area to Green Mountain Falls. That was a trick though, as the trek up a rugged 4WD road only got me to the trailhead. However, it was just another mile or so further to the falls. It was a gradual climb, so still a relatively easy hike.

Rocks, cascading creek

Creek along the trail

Bird, tree

Bird scared up into the tree

The path more or less followed a creek, and there were some back-country campsites. I also startled a couple of birds along the way. The payoff was a pretty cascading waterfall, surrounded by rocks and forest.

Waterfall, rocks

Green Mountain Falls

Waterfall, rocks, cascade

Another section of Green Mountain Falls

Encampment River
Near the base of the Sierra Madre was another trail along the Encampment River. It started at the campground, went past some summer cabins, and then into a wilderness area. The trail was mostly near the river, and with only a few ups and downs.

Path, rocks, hill

Rock outcropping along Encampment River trail

River, rocks, rapids

Encampment River Rapids

Besides solitude, the reward was a few spots on the river with rapids, some rock formations, the forest, and wildflowers. I only walked for 1 1/2 hours out, and then turned around.

River, cliff, trees

Encampment River and Cliff

Flowers, grass, log

Wildflowers along the trail

Both camps were a few miles away from town. While quiet, neither had internet. However, at each my campsite was well apart from others. One camp was up in the mountains, and the other was right next to the river. Pretty good for $5 per night with senior pass.

Mountains, trees

View from Bottle Creek camp

River, trees, log, grass

View from Encampment River camp

There was more to explore if I had continued up further into the Sierra Madre Mountains. But, my journey took me in a different direction.

Camps: Medicine Bow NF-Bottle Creek CG, Encampment River CG-BLM
Scene: Trails, waterfall, river, mountains, wildflowers

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  1. Martha August 28, 2015 at 8:04 pm #

    I love the photos of water and waterfalls. I also love the sound of the name “Sierra Madre”. It is a beautiful name and rolls off the tongue!

  2. Pleinguy August 28, 2015 at 9:36 pm #

    Waterfalls are some of my favorites too. I agree that Sierra Madre sounds much more romantic than Mother Mountain.

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