Rocky Mountain – Adams Falls

(Grand Lake CO)
The last hike on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park was to Adams Falls. Described as a “small, pleasant waterfall” it was that and more. With jagged rock walls on either side, and several tumbling cascades, it was delightful.

Waterfall, rocks, trees

Rocky Mountain National Park – Adams Falls

A rock overlook provided easy viewing up and downstream, as did vantage points on the surrounding rocks. I climbed over and around them looking for the best shot.

Waterfall, rocks, trees

Adams Falls

Cascade, rocks

Adams Falls Close-up

The easy trail led upstream along the rocky creek presenting more peaceful white water and smaller cascades. Many folks could not resist the temptation, and so waded into the creek.

Creek, rocks, trees

East Inlet Creek

Cascade, stream, rocks, log

Cascade on East Inlet Creek

Continuing up the trail soon reached a wide verdant meadow with the mountains as a backdrop. Also along the trail, were a few rock formations; another of my favorites.

Stream, meadow, trees, mountains

Meadow and mountains

Rocks, trees

Rock formation by trail

On the way to the falls, was the historic Grand Lake Lodge built in 1919. Setting high up, it overlooked Grand Lake. I imagined it was pristine and beautiful before all the develop.

Building, old cars, trees

Grand Lake Lodge

Mountains, lake, flowers

Grand Lake and mountains from the lodge

The hike to Adams Falls, the creek above, and the meadow beyond were the most visually appealing during my stay at Rocky Mountain National Park. It made my visit worthwhile despite not seeing any wildlife.

A stop in Granby for re-supply and gas, and then westward to find a camp by a reservoir. I was lucky to find a spot, with easy level, as it was popular with local fishermen. This free camp provided by Denver Water utility was appreciated.

Camp: Williams Fork Resv-East Side CG drycamp
Scene: Waterfall, creek, lake, meadow, lodge

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