Zapata Creek

(Zapata CO)
My weakness for waterfalls took me about 30 miles out of Alamosa to see Zapata Falls at about 9,400ft. Little did I know that you had to wade up the rocky creek, in the icy water and through a slot in the cliff, in order to actually see the falls.

Zapata Falls Creek

Zapata Creek

Shortly after I reached the creek, a large group of young folks arrived excited to plunge into the cascading waters. So, I decided to wait to see how they faired; and strolled downstream taking photos. Some returned glad to have made the trek and seen the 30ft fall.

Zapata Creek Downstream

Creek Downstream – away from falls

Zapata Creek Upstream

Creek Upstream – toward the falls

While waiting, I spoke with a local who said the water was higher than normal. He pointed to a bench that sat near the creek for viewing, noting the water was washing its legs. As some returned, I saw the wetness on their pants came up to their thighs. Being short as I am, that would likely mean close to my waist.

Zapata Creek dropoff

Drop in Creek – downstream

Zapata Creek Slot to falls

Toward the Falls – upstream with slot in cliff

I decided it was good enough to enjoy the cascading creek, as there would be other waterfalls to see. At least the hike up from the campground was short, and not too steep. There were also nice views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below.

Camp: BLM-Zapata Falls CG drycamp
Scene: Creek, cascades, rocks

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  1. Bradford Harris July 6, 2016 at 8:16 pm #

    That water looks so inviting! I’d love to sit on the bench with two tired feet in the creek.

    • Pleinguy July 6, 2016 at 8:32 pm #

      That was some icy cold water. You would freeze your tootsies.

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