River Rapids

In August, I moved from northern Minnesota to the Michigan Upper Peninsula. I was looking for something a little bit different, and these camps seemed to offer it.

(Trout Creek MI)
About three miles down a gravel road I found Ottawa NF-Sparrow Rapids CG. It was a small campground next to Sparrow Creek that I shared with only two other campers.

River Rapids, Sparrow Creek

River Rapids – Sparrow Rapids

A short hike in the woods led to the creek, then followed it upstream. A young couple was frolicking in the water, and further along, a man was fly fishing. A section of the creek had some rapids.

River Rapids, Sparrow Creek

Sparrow Rapids Again

(Watton MI)
Another camp was about 10 miles down a good gravel road. The Ottawa NF-Sturgeon River Gorge CG was also small with two other campers. Behind my campsite, it was just a short walk to the river and rapids.

River Rapids, Sturgeon River

Sturgeon River Rapids

River Rapids, Sturgeon River

Sturgeon River in the Rain

(Mountain WI)
The next example was reached after leaving the UP, and re-entering Wisconsin. Nicolet NF-Bagley Rapids CG was situated on the North Branch of Oconto River. Again, a short walk behind my campsite took me to a trail that followed the river.

River Rapids, N Br Oconto River

Bagley Rapids

River Rapids, N Br Oconto River

More Bagley Rapids

These rapids were more impressive, and had more variety.  A bright sun on foamy water makes it hard to get a good shot. Trying to select the best photos was difficult.

River Rapids, N Br Oconto River

Another view of Bagley Rapids

All three camps were fairly small and in the forest with lots of tree cover. Bagley Rapids was the closest to a paved road, and also the largest. These stops turned out to be the most enjoyable on my Upper Peninsula journey.

Camps: Ottawa NF & Nicolet NF drycamp
Scene: Creek, river, rapids

PS: I did camp at several places across northern Wisconsin. All the campgrounds were similar, being in the woods and by a lake. But, none had campsites next to the lake. They were OK, but nothing noteworthy to write about.

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  1. Martha October 1, 2016 at 7:09 pm #

    I guess I now know when is the best time to travel and camp in the UP. I was there earlier in the year when the mosquitoes were the worst I’ve ever had to endure.

    • Pleinguy October 1, 2016 at 7:15 pm #

      Actually, the mosquitos were ever present; but not as bad as expected. I suppose that the rain every couple of days made it worse. I was there in August. So, I suspect that cooler weather in the fall would be a better time to avoid them. (My posts are way beyond when the visit occurred)

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