Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

(Candy Kitchen NM)
A place I had wanted to visit for some time was Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. The critters there were mostly rescued from folks that thought they wanted a wild beast for a pet; then discovered otherwise. Wild spirits cannot be truly domesticated.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary – Gift Shop

Many were actually wolf-dog cross bred, some were wild dogs, coyotes, and even an old fox. There were a couple of pure Arctic wolves that were huge. Some were wary of approaching us and stayed away; but, most were accustomed to the visitors. A treat of jerky was used to entice them over to the fence for a closer look.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Arctic Wolf

Each wolf, or pairs, had their own enclosure as they were very competitive and would scuffle otherwise. The spaces were quite large with natural landscaping and den. Originally, the sanctuary built houses for shelters. However, the critters rejected them. So, dens made of rock, mud, and brush were crafted.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Dingos – Australian Wild Dogs

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

Old Fox

A guide explained the history of each animal, their habits, characteristics, and personalities. While it was sad to see these wild spirits in captivity, because of their origins they probably would not survive in the wild.

Camp: Wild Spirt Wolf CG drycamp
Scene: Wolves, coyotes, dogs, fox

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  1. Brad VT Harris June 12, 2017 at 9:44 pm #

    Cool pictures, Pleinguy. I’d love to visit that sanctuary. We’ve got a coyote that’s been visiting my street (on the edge of town) in the early morning hours (reason to keep the cat on a leash). They are beautiful animals… and pre-date our living on these lands.

    • Pleinguy June 13, 2017 at 3:13 pm #

      You are right to protect your cat from the coyote. It would make a quick snack of kitty.

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